Crisis Response Ministry has teamed up with FR Girls of Texas to supply its official Uniform Shirts, Jackets and other apparel. CRM Team members will order directly from FR Girls.

Below are the instructions for signing up and ordering from FR Girls of Texas.

1. Go to the CRM Store at the FR Girls website:

2. Click on the banner “Preferred Client Private Buying Store” and select “Register with Email”

3. Fill in the information requested.  Choose any User Name and Password that you like that will be easy for you to remember.

4. Enter the Crisis Response Ministry Group Password - CRM2018  (you will only need to use the Group Password the first time you create your account). 

5. Check the "I am not a robot" box.  You will now have access to the items, pricing and CRM logos that you selected.  Login to the FR Girls website.  You should be ready to select the apparel you need.

6. Make your selection from “DISASTER TEAM - PANTS - JACKETS”  Only CRM Team members who are authorized by the Executive Director are permitted to order from the “CVSU SHIRTS” area.

7. “Yellow Shirt” options — such as Short and Long Sleeve, Tactical Polo, Mens & Ladies, etc.
“Pants” — Men’s and Women’s Black Propper Tactical Pants
“Jackets” — Poplin Jacket with Lining or Climax Parka
”Accessories” — Sling Pack

8. When ordering apparel you will have the option of having Chaplain, Crisis Responder, or None certification lettering applied to the back of your shirt or jacket.  There is a $10.00 charge for this option—see the example below for an pricing overview. No additional charge if “None” is selected.

9. Your order will be shipped directly to you.  You should receive an order confirmation by email.

10. Once your order has been processed you should receive confirmation from FR Girls that the order has shipped and a FedEx tracking number.

11. As long as you are a CRM Team member you will have access to the CRM Clothing Store. 

For Customer Service related issues contact FR Girls of Texas · 170 N. Cedar St. · Van, TX 75790 · 903.963.7410

Other related issues contact Cindy Cormier, CRM Administrative Director · 903.405.4843 ·