Yesterday our CRM volunteers headed to West to support the West PD and the citizens of that community.  A number of our volunteers who were with another organization at the time were present hours after the horrific explosion in West in 2013 and have been back every year since during Westfest to support the PD and their families with a meal.  This year they showed us some love in return with kolaches waiting for us in the Chief’s office!


As usual, Tam and Ronnie Mayfield provided an awesome meal for all.  Their dedication and hard work are so much appreciated by all!!


During the parade and afterward we had a number of citizens recognize the fact that the “yellow shirts” were there back on that terrible day to lend aid and comfort and they expressed their heartfelt appreciation that we continue to return.


We want to thank our volunteers from CRM that participated in this special day.  There were many CRM chapters represented under the leadership of Ellis Co Chapter Director, Larry Hunt, who was the Incident Commander.


It was an awesome day of fellowship with all!!!