CRISIS RESPONSE MINISTRY is a non-profit organization in the State of Texas. CRM is a nondenominational faith based Christian ministry whose mission is providing emotional and spiritual care to individuals and families in crisis.  

Our primary mission is taken from 2 Corinthians 1:4, 'Comfort others with the comfort you have received."  CRM’s guiding philosophy is to minister to people out of compassion and provides a genuine demonstration of God’s love and mercy. 

Primary Objectives  

  1. To deploy a group of crisis trained Christian volunteers

  2. To partner with the local faith based community to help those in crisis by providing church volunteers training and opportunities to help those in crisis.

  3. Create collaboration/coordination alliances with other crisis focused volunteer organizations, such as: Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, National, State and Local VOADs, Someone Cares, Mercy Corps, and other community and faith-based organizations that will further the ministry’s mission.

  4. Form partnerships with Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Offices of Emergency Management, and Homeland Security to provide access to geographical areas and people in crisis.

  5. During a major multi-casualty incident, the ministry’s trained volunteers will serve as a force multiplier for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Offices of Emergency Management, and Department of Homeland Security in providing emotional and spiritual care.

Learn how to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care and support
to individuals and families in crisis by attending A training Course.

We invite you to become a part of Crisis Response Minitries!